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  • Do not handwash or machine wash the sarees.
  • Do not brush, beat, twist, or squeeze the sarees.
  • Do not use harsh chemical cleaners to wash the sarees.
  • Dry clean through professional drycleaners only.
  • Do not wash or dry clean frequently. It can quicken the wear and tear.
  • Professional roll pressing is advised for the saris, but not frequently.
  • Application of direct extreme heat while ironing could damage the fabric.
  • Do not iron saris over the folds as the fabric could deteriorate at sharp creases.
  • Store sarees in dry and airy places, away from damp, termites or white ants.
  • Once a year change the saree fold so that it does not fray at creases.
  • It is best to store silk sarees with silica gel moisture absorber pouches/bags to avoid moisture damage
  • Fold the saree such that the zari or embroidery is on the inside and remains protected.
  • Pure tussar silk is a very delicate and premium silk. It requires TLC. Any harsh treatment will lead to irreparable loss. Never soak in water. Dry-clean/iron sparingly.
No. The manufacturers/suppliers do not guarantee or warranty the sarees. We, as traders, can only forward a guarantee or warranty that comes from the manufacturer.
We do our best to stringently vet the suppliers to ensure reliable quality.
Please read the saree-care section to avoid damage due to mishandling.
Read our Policies, Terms and Conditions
Apply due diligence before making a purchase. View the images, read the description, and contact us via email at or WhatsApp +971 50 4813 994 to get your queries or doubts clarified. A return/exchange /cancellation after the saree has left our store for delivery, is a complicated process that leads to unreasonable expense that is best avoided in our mutual interest. Read the Cancellation Policies, Terms and Conditions
Read the Policies, Terms and Conditions for clear understanding of the pricing policy.
Prices include all levies at the country of origin – UAE and levies imposed at the country of destination are on you at actuals, if any.
Read the Policies, Terms and Conditions
Our sarees are inspected and go through stringent quality checks. Read our cancellation policy for full details.

Our delivery partners are DHL Express Couriers. We may use other efficient courier services now and then. We use reliable service providers to ensure that unfortunate incidents of damage or loss in transit are avoided.
You do have the option to choose to pay very small extra amount at checkout, and get your purchase insured against damage or loss in transit.
Technically, once the saree is handed over to the courier, it is sold and delivered for Muhurat. We will not be able to compensate in any way if such loss had to occur.

Saree lengths and weights are mentioned in the description of each saree on the website.
Generally, the net length of a saree is 5.25 or 5.5 metres.
Saree usually comes with an attached blouse piece of 80cm so the gross length becomes 6 to 6.3 metres.
The height of the saree is usually 1 to 1.2 metres.

We try to match the colour in the images to the actual saree as much as possible, and add a realistic description to convey the colour details. However, the display settings and image quality on your phone screen or computer monitor could influence the appearance of the colour. You are welcome to visit our boutique before purchasing the saree, if you are in UAE. You can contact us for real-time videos or pictures of the actual saree for further clarity.