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1. We may introduce a new product or discontinue an existing product at any time without any obligation to disclose or inform any third party.
2. We try to offer a clear and elaborate description of our products in terms of fabric, colour, weight, length and style for clarity and ease of shopping.
3. Our product images attempt to give you a reasonably close preview of the actual product.
4. The settings and the quality of the display on your phone-screen or computer’s monitor could affect the look/appearance of the colour, sheen, and appearance of fabric. We bear no responsibility for such discrepancies, caused unintentionally.
5. For the ease of search and access, the sarees are categorised by colours. However, colours are perceived differently by different people. Some fancy colour names may be used to add an element of beauty and attraction to the description, not to misguide or mislead. There is a degree of generalisation of colours, to facilitate the search function on the website.
6. Our products are procured from carefully vetted manufacturers/suppliers across India. The product specifications we share, especially about type and fabric of saree, are given by the manufacturers. We personally do not carry the expertise or wherewithal to confirm these attributes.


Saree must be treated, handled and stored with specific care. We will not be responsible for any damage occurring due to lack of proper care, wrong washing, ironing, handling, or storing. Read the Saree Care Instructions here.


1. We try to put accurate description, prices, discounts, delivery terms or other information on our site. In the rare case of an error or omission, we will do the needful to correct it as soon as we notice. We reserve the right to decide the course to correction without any obligation.
2. This in rare cases may involve, correction, edition, deletion of a product/product attribute on website and/or cancellation of an order, in which case the order value received will be refunded with no further obligation.


1. In a rare case, if a product is found to be out of stock, or is found damaged on internal inspection before shipping, and if we are unable to process the order, order will be cancelled, and a refund will be processed.
2. If for confidentiality reasons, the cause of order cancellation cannot be disclosed to the customer, we reserve the right to not share that information. However, the refund will be made and customer will be kept informed throughout the process and progress, if the order is cancelled by us.


Discounts and promotional sales are at our sole discretion. We may start, withdraw, or discontinue a promotion at any time, even before the expiry of the declared period without any obligation, or extend beyond the declared timeframe. We reserve the right to offer discount and discontinue discount without any obligation to any user of the site, or present or past customers.

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The company Muhurat Collections LLC is formed and registered in the UAE and for all legal purposes, the UAE laws will be applicable. A dispute will be subject to jurisdiction of the laws of UAE.

The viewing centre is open from 10am to 6pm UAE time from Monday to Friday.
However, we prefer that you either write to us at info@sareesbymuhurat.com or WhatsApp on +971 50 4813 994 to make an appointment, to avoid any inconvenience. Especially for an afterhours or weekend viewing, make sure to confirm the visit beforehand.
We try to respond to emails or WhatsApp messages instantly. However, due to time difference between regions, we request you to bear with us if we respond at the start of the following day.