Charcoal black Kantha saree in Bangalore silk

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Weight 900 kg



Bangalore Silk




Partywear, Utsav

Saree Length

5.4 mtr

Blouse Length






Kantha saree on Bangalore silk in charcoal black with classic village motif; Material – Bangalore silk; Colour – Black
Multicolour; Blouse – included; Blouse Length – 80cm; Saree Net Length – 5.4mtr

1 in stock


  1. Do not handwash or machine wash the sarees.
  2. Do not brush, beat, twist, or squeeze the sarees.
  3. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners to wash the sarees.
  4. Dry clean through professional drycleaners only.
  5. Do not wash or dry clean frequently. It can quicken the wear and tear.
  6. Professional roll pressing is advised for the saris, but not frequently.
  7. Application of direct extreme heat while ironing could damage the fabric.
  8. Do not iron saris over the folds as the fabric could deteriorate at sharp creases.
  9. Store sarees in dry and airy places, away from damp, termites or white ants.
  10. Once a year change the saree fold so that it does not fray at creases.
  11. It is best to store silk sarees with silica gel moisture absorber pouches/bags to avoid moisture damage
  12. Fold the saree such that the zari or embroidery is on the inside and remains protected.
  13. Pure tussar silk is a very delicate and premium silk. It requires TLC. Any harsh treatment will lead to irreparable loss. Never soak in water. Dry-clean/iron sparingly.

For complete details, please refer to our Sales Policy and Terms & Conditions

For complete details, please refer to our Sales Policy and Terms & Conditions